Hopes & Dreams 

“We are so much more than a once-a-week Sunday Service.

 People want this type of community.”

Overall satisfaction as measured recently on the CAT survey is high at St Mark’s.  Comparatively, we are a very healthy parish with high energy and satisfaction.  Church members   report their participation in church activities is personally meaningful.  

As can be expected, COVID negatively impacted our ASA trend – however – a significant number of parishioners reported worshipping more due to our livestreaming capabilities! 

Listed below are the most frequently voiced quotes of hopes and dreams for a future with a new rector: 

To fill the church!

Form a women’s group so we can be affirming of women.

Resurrect VBS though maybe not in such elaborate/grand style so that we can sustain it.

Find the right balance for our livestreaming equipment (and the screen in the sanctuary showing that livestreaming) so that it can continue without being as obvious to those physically present.

Continue to seek out and run mission trips.

Hold more group activities because there is tremendous power and potential for change and growth in a group.

Address all types of diversity, not just theological and racial diversity.

Rise up young adults who’ve completed our traditional formation programs.

That we “grow” more clergy; our history has been great in this regard (sponsoring 3 parishioners - 2 for the priesthood and 1 for the vocational deaconate).

Continue to periodically offer our Leadership Development Program despite a key leader       (Fr. Peter) relocating.

Work on changing the culture of the church to include spiritual generosity that we are so good at with our talents, but we need to foster the financial component as well.

Grow our church!

Quoted from Listening Groups 2021

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