Rite 13

This program is designed specifically for pre-teens and teenagers ages 11-14 (grades 6–8). All members must turn 13 at some point during the three-year program. This means that Rite-13ers are making a crucial transition in their lives – they are moving from childhood to manhood or womanhood. This transition is marked with a beautiful ceremony during a Sunday service close to their 13th birthday, and is celebrated as a momentous event in the life of the young person, as well as the parish! Rite-13ers, while they may be young men and women with a lot of creative power and potential, are not yet “adults.” They are on their first step on their much longer Journey to Adulthood. This means that the young people get to enjoy a lot of play along with the work that we do in class. Classes are open-ended. The curriculum is not a traditional “class” – it is a guided discussion that respects the opinions of young people, and allows them to explore through scripture, prayers, games and discussion of how Christ is revealing himself right now in their lives. The emphasis on the program is on developing and celebrating each person’s unique abilities and skills and showing how God is at work in each of us. As a show of respect for the stage of life our Rite 13 class is in, we hold class at a separate time from the younger children and finish class at 6:30 with a special church service designed for teens.

Adult Mentors
Meg Anastasi, Ashling Belair, Wayne Gilbert, Mike Tami

Sundays from 5:00-6:30 PM

The education and meeting room on the office wing, top level