Rotation Workshop

Rotation Workshop is a fantastic transition from children’s Godly Play years into more critical thinking about worship. It is designed to stimulate thinking about faith on a more global level through stories and activities that are age-appropriate for the grades being taught. The class year is divided into modules that will last roughly 4-6 weeks. Each module focuses on one particular lesson that is developed differently each week through different mediums, for example: art, cooking, music, drama, dance, computers, and science. Each week the children will focus on the lesson in a different way and will hopefully come away with a greater understanding of how God is at work in our daily lives. One of the goals with Rotation Workshop is to help children start thinking more consciously about their faith in a way that doesn’t make them feel as though they’re in “school” on a Sunday.

Holly Berry, Marj Bruns, Mishel Mitus, and other Adult Mentors from the parish

Sundays from 9:45 until 10:35 AM

The education and meeting room on the office wing, top level